WOW 191080 UTO Excalibur Cockpit Towable, 1-3 Riders

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The UTO Series is a hit from out of this world! The UTO Excalibur is the newest one to land in the World of Watersports. This Unidentified Towable Object is a BIG towable with a large, deep secure seating cockpit for up to 3 riders. The UTO Excalibur is designed with a slot system for secure seating and or EZ entry and exit from the cockpit. The secure seating cockpit is deep enough to stand in, if you wish! The floor of the central cockpit is a HOVER BOTTOM which is what this tube mainly rides on. The HOVER BOTTOM allows the tube to float, glide, and jump through the water. The UTO rides like something from out of this world.

  • 680lbs. 308kg. Maximum Capacity

  • UTO shape design with a floating gliding HOVER BOTTOM for EZ towing and extreme riding

  • EZ slot system for secure sitting or easy exit/entry into the cockpit

  • HI-Performance Secure Standing Cockpit design. One of the only tubes on the market where riding chariot style while standing

  • Heavy duty wide webbed reinforced tow system

  • Built in Molded EZ TOW CONNECTOR for EZ tow point hook ups

  • Heavy-duty full nylon cover with heavy-duty zippers

  • Heavy-duty PVC bladders

  • Double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards

  • Flat foam handles for riding and or boarding

  • Zippered valve covers

  • Speed Valve for fast inflation and deflation

Riders: 01-Mar
Size: 84″ x 84″ x 34″ Inflated

KMS Part# WOW 191080
DMP Part# 44-2127
Vendor # 19-1080

Additional information

Weight 21.360001 lbs
Dimensions 23.5 × 9.75 × 21 in


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