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WOW 191100 2BER Towable Starter Kit, 1 Rider

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Can’t go wrong with a classic 1 rider tube! Millions have been sold over the years. The 54″ round tube is a great beginner tube for those new to towables. So WOW has decided to provide everything you need to get started, well… except for the boat. Blow it up with the fast 12V DC pump and tow it with a WOW 1K 60′ tow rope. Makes for a great gift for those just getting started or someone growing their collection! 1 year warranty.

  • 77 kg maximum capacity

  • Heavy Duty partial nylon cover

  • Heavy-Gauge PVC bladder

  • Double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards

  • Flat foam handles

  • Reinforced towing system

  • Speed valve for fast inflation and deflation

  • Zippered valve cover

  • Heavy-Duty arrow shape construction for stability and more control for the rider

  • Drain vent

  • Includes 12V DC Pump

  • Includes 1K 60′ Tow Rope

Riders: 1
Size: 50″ x48″ Inflated

KMS Part# WOW 191100
DMP Part# 44-2132
Vendor # 19-1100


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