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Forespar MF849 1/2″ Marelon Flange Mounting PTFE Seacock

Manufacturer: FORESPAR

SKU: 108-904009 Category:


Molded from lightweight, high-strength glass-reinforced Marelon™ composite, these flanged seacocks don’t corrode, and are highly resistant to UV degradation and abrasion. Their NPS parallel threads can be sealed with PTFE tape or even plumber’s putty. These seacocks can also be fitted to mate with bronze fittings. Marelon is UV stabilized and will not deteriorate in sunlight.

Base: 3″
Model: MF849 1/2
Height: 3″
Ports: 1/2″

KMS Part# FOR 904009
DMP Part# 41-2385
Vendor # 904009


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