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Ginegar C788318CL225 3 mil Marine Film Shrink Wrap, Clear, 18′ x 225′

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Ginegar’s Marine Film in 4mil thickness is far superior in mechanical strength to the competition’s 7mil or 8mil thickness offerings. This means that the film is stronger and almost 40% lighter to offer comparable or even better winter protection from the elements. Produced using a proprietary formulation, using special raw materials in state of the art 5 layer extruders.

  • Lighter and easier to handle and install

  • Save on installation labor costs

  • Takes less effort & fuel to shrink properly

  • More linear feet of film per same weight roll

  • Special anti-dusting element add to improve smoothness

Ginegar strongly recommends using a Shrinkfast like controlled fan heat gun for proper installation. Torch like high intensity heat guns may burn the film during installation.

Size: 18′ x 225′
Thickness: 3 mil
Color: Clear
Weight: 60#

KMS Part# GPP C788318CL225
DMP Part# 44-0814
Vendor # C788-318CL225

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 55.5 × 8 × 8 in


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